Monday, April 22, 2013

Recap of our First Meet

We had a beautiful day yesterday for our first track meet, hosted by Union Catholic.  There were over 20 teams present, and 30 of our runners showed up.  It was great to see how excited all the children were to try out different distances and events.

We really enjoyed watching them have fun, and now have a better sense as to how to organize things so the next meet will run even more smoothly! 

Medals were awarded to runners who finished in the top 6, and 4 of our runners did so!
  • Emily Shepard - Girls' 3rd/4th Grade 800 m; 3rd place
  • James Glockenmeier - Boys' 5th/6th Grade 1600 m; 3rd place
  • Caroline D'Aliso - Girls' 7th/8th Grade 800 m; 6th place
  • Lauren Patetta - Girls' 7th/8th Grade 1600 m; 6th place
We also had two relay teams enter - Girls' 3rd/4th and 7th/8th.  This girls were having such a good time!

Girls' 3rd/4th Grade 800 m Sprint Medley Relay Team

Official results can be found here.