Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Latest Meet Schedule

Our estimated meet schedule wasn't too far off. Below, is the latest from the league: 

September 29: OLS (South Orange - Flood's Hill) 
October 12: Assumption (Morris Township - Loantaka) 
October 20: Holy Trinity (Mountainside - St. Theresa's) 
October 25: St. Elizabeth’s (Peapack - Natirar) 
October 26: St. Virgil’s (Morris Plains - Central Park/Greystone) 
November 2: Championship Meet (Morris Townhsip - Loantaka) 

We will confirm dates and times in the next few weeks. As Sept 29 is when we were planning our intra-team meet, we will likely do that during a practice - either Sept 25th or 27th