Monday, June 2, 2014

2014 Track Season Wrap-Up

We had a great end to the season, with two of our relay teams medaling, and one of our runners medaling in a mixed team at the last meet!  Below are the results from the Kids-4-Kids Relay meet, as well as updated details on the end-of-season party.

Kids-4-Kids Relay Meet

Girl's 3rd & 4th Grade Novice 4x100 Relay
  • Sarah Shepard
  • Ava Slimowicz
  • Ava Petrus
  • Athena Bernaz

Girl's 3rd & 4th Grade Medley Relay
  • Maggie Haran
  • Carly Wollmuth
  • Athena Bernaz
  • Emily Shepard

Boy's 5th & 6th Grade Novice 4x100 Relay (Mixed School Team)
  • Matthew Yautz

Congratulations to all our Runners!!!

End-of-Season Party

Due to rain on Wednesday and a conflict with a middle school dance on Friday, we will push the party to next week.  We will target either Wednesday, June 11th or Friday, June 13th.  The party will be from 6:30-8:30 PM at our house in Basking Ridge.

I will send an email over the weekend once the weather forecast is available to confirm numbers.

Thank you to everyone for their participation and help this year!!