Friday, October 3, 2014

Timing Details for Assumption Meet - Oct 4th

We have received some updated timing information regarding tomorrow's meet, hosted by Assumption at Loantaka Park in Morris Township.  There are two entrances to Loantaka; we will be at the one near Seaton Hackney.

Please use this link for directions to 432 South Street, Morris Township.

Below are the planned times for each race.

Please plan to be there no later than 1:45 PM.
  • 2:00 Walk thru
  • 2:30 Fun run
  • 2:45 3rd-4th girls
  • 3:00 3rd-4th boys
  • 3:15 5th-6th girls
  • 3:30 5th-6th boys
  • 3:45 7th-8th girls
  • 4:00 7th-8th boys
  • 4:20 Awards  
The forecast is calling for rain.  The meet WILL proceed as long as there is not thunder or heavy showers.  I will post here if we have any change in plans tomorrow.