Tuesday, August 16, 2016

2016 Cross Country

We hope everyone has had a great summer!

We will officially start practices on Wednesday, 14 September.  However, we will likely offer three optional "pre-season" practices before school starts.

We are tentatively thinking:

Friday, 26 August @ 6:30 PM
Monday, 29 August @ 6:30 PM
Wednesday, 31 August @ 6:30 PM

We will watch the weather to ensure it isn't too hot, and confirm next week.

We will take the first week of school off, and then commence practices the week after.

Our meet schedule is firming up, and it looks like the first meet will be Saturday, Oct 1.

We strongly recommend our runners try to get some light running in before the start of school, but please ensure they do so either early in the morning or in the evening so it isn't too hot.